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Feeling Defeated?

Many people struggle with accepting the choices they have made in the past. Others struggle with where they are today because it is not where they think they should be. And, then others, cannot even begin to dream of the future because there is just too much baggage and too many scars and battle wounds.

If you are:
A Trauma Survivor
Tired and Worn Out
Needing to Make an Important Decision
Feeling Indifferent
Battling Internal Struggles
Still Dealing with Grief
Needing Clarification


NOVA is for you!



NOVA Counseling and Coaching Services are designed to offer each individual the opportunity to continue to grow, to become increasingly independent, and to meet their educational, socialization, professional, and community goals.

We believe that a positive and proactive
approach encourages self-reflection,
utilization of self-awareness in
decision-making, and the ability to succeed emotionally, academically, professionally.



Counseling is a confidential discussion between you and a counselor or psychologist about personal, social, or emotional issues that cause distress or impair your functioning.


Counseling helps you identify and change behaviors or ways of thinking that have not worked well for you. Counseling helps you develop decision making and coping skills needed to meet the challenges of living and learning.

We Are Here For You


​Call, email or message us on Facebook for more information or to schedule your consultation.


Coaching reinforces training and development programs by helping individuals to apply the knowledge and skills recently acquired. With focused, one-on-one discussions about how to apply new concepts and internalize them, participants realize greater benefit for themselves, their families, careers and life.

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